Permanent Makeup Lips

Ideal for those who always wear tinted lipgloss or who have lost the colour or shape of their lip.

Lips With Camilla Seton

This treatment is ideal for those who always wear tinted lip gloss/lipstick and those who have lost the colour or definition of the lip. An uneven lip shape can be corrected and small lips can be made to look fuller and more youthful. Scars in the lip line can also be concealed. You can choose from a soft natural lip blush to a defined lip liner or full lip colour for a more made-up look.

What You Need To Know

24-48 hours prior to all appointments, a sensitivity patch test has to be carried out for all clients.

All Permanent Makeup treatments, with the exception of maintenance and correctional include one free 2nd application/top up upon re-evaluation within one to three months from the initial procedure. This is not always necessary but may be required if the colour does not heal evenly.  Upon re-evaluation of eyeliner if you wish to upgrade to a thicker style, a difference in cost will be incurred.

Results of correctional procedures cannot be guaranteed as they are experimental in nature and the success relies on the nature of the original application. Multiple treatments are often needed.

Price list

A sensitivity patch test has to be carried out 24-48 hours prior to treatment for all clients. Please contact me with any further questions or queries.



With Blush


With Definite Line


Full Lip colour


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